Department of Biochemistry

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

Undergraduate Programme


Biochemistry is a science that studies life processes at the molecular level. A biochemist therefore is a person involved in studying the chemistry of living systems.

  • An in-depth study of the chemistry of living system has revealed that;
  • Enzymes catalyze many of the biochemical reactions taking place in a living cell. Many drugs act by inhibiting enzymes or by blocking the synthesis of undesirable compounds in the body.
  • Subtle metabolic differences between disease-causing microorganisms and their host animals have been exploited in designing drugs that can be used to kill the microorganisms without killing the animal harboring them.
  • Differences in individuals’ genetic make-up has formed the basis for paternity testing, forensic determination of crime, and individualized disease diagnosis and drug design.
  • Metabolic differences between diseased states and healthy state form the basis for the chemical diagnosis of diseases.

The Department of Biochemistry of Ahmadu Bello University offers a 4-year programme or a 3-year programme depending on the student’s previous background leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). The undergraduate training is designed to make students understand modern biochemistry and prepare them for research and advance teaching in Biochemistry. The B.Sc. programme involves intensive course work scheduled with practical classes designed to expose the students to theoretical concepts in Biochemistry, to enable the students comprehend works in virtually all areas of the subject. At the 300 level, the students are exposed to a 6 months SIWES Programme which is a skill-acquisition programme to enable the students acquire industrial skills and practical experience which prepares them for the work situation they are likely to meet after graduation. At the final year (400 level), the students take up their research project.


Course Description:

The department does not offer any course at 100 level. Students who intend to major in Biochemistry are required to take courses in the Basic Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics).

Admission Requirement:

Candidates can enter the programme either at the 100 level (4- year degree programme) or the 200 level (3-year degree programme) depending on their previous background.

100-level Candidate must pass at least five subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and English at the credit level in WASCE, GCE ‘O’ Level or SSCE final examination.

200-Level Candidate must obtain GCE ‘A’ Level or its equivalent in Chemistry and Biology. NCE graduates are not eligible for admission into Biochemistry programme. Candidates without “A” Level Mathematics will be required to take and pass some 100 level courses in Mathematics during the programme.

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S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
1 BCHM 211 Chemistry of Amino acids and Proteins 2 First Semester
2 BCHM 212 General Biochemistry Laboratory I 1 Second Semester
3 BCHM 213 Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory 1 First Semester
4 BCHM 214 Metabolism of Carbohydrates 2 Second Semester
5 BCHM 215 Chemistry of Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Nucleic acids 2 First Semester
6 BBCHM 217 Structure and Functions of Major Cell Components 2 First Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
1 BCHM 311 Enzymology 2 First Semester
2 BCHM 313 Bioenergetics 1 First Semester
3 BCHM 315 Metabolism of Amino Acids and Genetic Disorders 2 First Semester
4 BCHM 317 Metabolism of Lipids 2 First Semester
5 BCHM 319 Methods in Biochemistry 2 First Semester
6 BCHM 321 General Biochemistry Laboratory II 2 First Semester
7 BCHM 323 Metabolism of Nucleic Acids, Proteins 2 First Semester
8 BCHM 399 Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) 2 Second Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
1 BCHM 411 Advanced Enzymology 2 First Semester
2 BCHM 413 Biosynthesis of Macromolecules 1 First Semester
3 BCHM 415 Introductory Recombinant DNA Technology 1 First Semester
4 BCHM 417 Plant Biochemistry 2 First Semester
5 BCHM 421 Biochemical Research Methods and Introductory Biostatistics 1 First Semester
6 BCHM 423 Metabolism of Drugs and other Foreign Compounds 2 First Semester
7 BCHM 425 Bioinorganic Chemistry 1 First Semester
8 BCHM 429 Advanced Biochemistry Technique 2 First Semester
9 BCHM 431 Nutritional Biochemistry 2 First Semester
10 BCHM 433 Food Biochemistry 1 First Semester
11 BCHM 412 Tissue Biochemistry 1 Second Semester
12 BCHM 414 Industrial Biochemistry 2 Second Semester
13 BCHM 416 Metabolic Regulation 2 Second Semester
14 BCHM 418 Biochemical Reasoning 1 Second Semester
15 BCHM 422 Special Topics/Seminar in Biochemistry 2 Second Semester
16 BCHM 424 Membrane Biochemistry 1 Second Semester
17 BCHM 400 Research Project 6 Second Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester