Welcome to Department of biochemistry, Faculty of Science, ABU Zaria. Motto: Unveiling the misteries of life at molecular level

Departmental Research Profile

The Departmental Research is structured into units which capture core specializations of Biochemistry including; Biotechnology, Enzymology, Industrial and Nutritional Biochemistry. The Departmental Research structure is also flexible enough to allow multidisciplinary studies between the different core specializations with a goal to address tropical issues of Biochemical significance in;

• Understanding molecular mechanisms of diseases
• DNA Vaccine development
• Cellular and molecular mechanisms in plant gene expression and sickle cell anemia.
• Nutritional Intervention

The Department of Biochemistry researchers have been at the fore front of several significant biochemical discoveries in the area of Enzymology, mechanisms of control of gene expression, Nutritional supplementation for the control of diarrhea and medicinal plants of clinical significance. Early work on Sialidase an enzyme responsible for cleaving terminal Sialic acid residues from glycoproteins and the role of Zinc in the control of childhood diarrhea started in the Department of Biochemistry. Similarly, the role of DNA methyl transferase in the control of plant gene expression had one of the Department’s Researcher as a major investigator.

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Department of Biochemistry
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