Welcome to Department of biochemistry, Faculty of Science, ABU Zaria. Motto: Unveiling the misteries of life at molecular level

Brief History - Department of Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry is mainly involved in Teaching and Research to improve understanding of the Chemistry of Life with a mission to;
• Train suitable high-level manpower with adequate theoretical and practical biochemical knowledge preparatory for a host of challenges in Research, Industries, Community, National and International services especially with particular reference to Universities, Research Institutes, Industries and Biotechnological Laboratories in Medical, Food and Agricultural ventures.
To effectively achieve this, the Department is composed of a diverse array of staff in core Biochemistry specializations including; Animal and Plant Biotechnology, Enzymology, Nutrition, Medical and Industrial Biochemistry.

The Department was established as a separate entity in 1975. Hitherto Biochemistry has been taught by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for over ten years, as part of the programmes of the Faculties of Science, Human and Veterinary Medicine as well as Pharmaceutical Sciences. The first group of students to specialize in Biochemistry as a degree subject graduated as B.Sc. Hons (Biochemistry) in 1971. Presently the Department runs one undergraduate degree programme leading to the award of BSc Hons in Biochemistry and seven postgraduate programmes including; Postgraduate diploma in Nutrition, Postgraduate diploma in forensic biotechnology, MSc. Biochemistry, MSc. Nutrition, MSc. Biotechnology, PhD Biochemistry, PhD Biotechnology

The Departmental building currently consists of three floors which consists of one very large and two smaller teaching and research laboratories respectively, a lecture room, library, seminar room, a cold room, a workshop, specialized instrument rooms and offices.
However an ultramodern building with advanced facilities to accommodate the expanded programmes and student intake is currently underway as a part of the University Phase II project.
The Department has close collaboration with the Centre for Biotechnology Research and Training. Equipment have been donated for research work by World Bank Science Technology Education Post Basic (STEP B) projects in DNA vaccine development and Nutritional Infant formula development and supplementation.

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